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The biggest country in the world, 13 time zones.

One incredible archive, over two million items.

Welcome to RussiaTeleRadio Worldwide

RussiaTeleRadio Worldwide (RTRWorldwide) is the distributor of the Russian State archive. RTRWorldwide will restore and digitise footage providing the world with content from this wonderful, historical resource.  Much of the footage has never been seen outside of the Russian Federation making it all the more precious.

Footage highlights

  • The final days of Tsar Nicolas and Rasputin

  • Russia’s involvement in all the major conflicts of the 20th Century

  • The rise and fall of the Soviet Union

  • Lenin and Stalin throughout their lives

  • Dramatic frontline footage from World War I and II from the Soviet perspective

  • Powerful footage of the Nazi invasion

  • President Kennedy as filmed by the Soviets

  • The Space Race featuring the first man in space -Yuri Gagarin, the development of the Centrifuge and the first satellite in space - Sputnik

  • Nuclear testing

  • The Chernobyl nuclear disaster

  • The grand opening of the Trans Siberian Railway

  • Wonderful performances from The Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballet

  • The Moscow Arts Theatre in 1902 featuring the world famous Constantin Stanislavski

  • Musical concerts from the greatest classical composers such as Ravel, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and many others

  • Undiscovered recordings from many famous operas such as La Boheme, Carmen etc

  • Hundreds of hours of children’s animation

  • Hard to find footage such as panoramic aerial shots over Moscow and St Petersburg, propaganda cartoons and short films, The Moscow Olympic promotional cartoons

  • Private rooms within the Hermitage showcasing some of Russia’s greatest jewels, Faberge eggs and works of art

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